4/2/12 Senior League 4: Cooke LHC 5-1 Donaghadee LHC

The day we played Cooke by Jennifer McVeigh

On Saturday 4th Feb, DLHC braved the rain coming sideways and travelled to Belfast to play against Cooke Ladies at Shaws Bridge. The match started well i.e. the rain stopped. The Dee ladies had a valiant effort with the match pretty even – until during a penalty corner just before half time, those fateful words were uttered “We’re not losing this match” and Cooke popped the ball in the back of the Donaghadee net 1-0 to Cooke… so far.

The second half started with Cooke scoring a second goal quite quickly and a third appeared sometime after that. (No one was really payin much attention here, this is all the info I could glean!) Donaghadee did not give in easily with the feisty forwards repeatedly tryin to battle their way through the Cooke defense. Their effurts were not in vain as Ruth Kennedy put her silky skills on show once more, carrying the ball up the right, supported by Natasha Cameron and took a shot at goal. It rebounded off the keeper and the Dee forwards all took in it turn for what seemed like half an hour. Eventually centre forward Kerrie Turtle got a “flukey” goal as the Cooke goalie seemed to tire of all the shots (or perhaps she just got bored), leaving the score 3-1 to Cooke… so far.

Cooke soon broke free and in no time had skelped round the intrepid Dee defenders and welted anor yin in the back of the net, 4-1 to Cooke… so far. Teegan Greer in goals surpassed her usual brillyint game by pattin out a shot at goal with her big paw, after it came hurtlin at her about 10 fut in the air. Although Dee had many attempts in penetrating the Cooke circle, they could not put the final flourish to their effurts. Eventually after umpteen long corners for Cooke, they managed another final (I think) goal – final score 5-1 to Cooke.

Points of note from the match;

i) On her first outing as stand in captain, Ali Lawther only had a slight panic when Jen n Teegs showed up alone. A good attempt at a poker face Ali… but you need to work on the pitch of your squeek “Did Ruth and Carmen not come with you??”

ii) Kerrie’s goal was a fluke (her own admission) and any of the team could have got it (apart from Teegs, Nina n Jen as they were the only ones not in the circle takin shots at goal at the time).

iii) Teegs was outstanin in goals as usual, savin far more shots than any other match (and fur that, we defenders apologise, I know yer wee heart was racin at times).

iv) The wooden shoe award is, as we speak, bein dusted aff, in preparation of bein handed over to Katie Donnelly (I’ve heard top football teams are considerin transfer negiotiations).

v) Methinks the Cooke umpire got new cards from Santa as he was very keen to show a certain Dee defender the green one – looked lovely, very purdy. Oh yeah, it was allegedly for stick tacklin… as if!!

vi) Donaghadee may have had a better result if we all had real plastic leather trainers like Suzie Ferguson, which didn’t let the 6000 gallons of water on the pitch squelch inty them, therefore slowin us down with the extra weight. (… in fact now I’m wonderin if she was actually wearin them!)

vii) Siobhan’s “lost stick” (which was eventually found in her hockey beg), actually does what it says on the tin, super tackles S!

viii) Carmen never seems to tire, shuda called her Duracell!

ix) Hannah’s lovin bein a wing

x) Lisa paid more attention than all of us, she gave me the match details, aultimers hasn’t quite set in yit.

xi) A rousing half time speech “Come on seersly, we can win this, let’s give it 100%, play like we want it, put some effort in, bla de bla” didn’t actually have the desired effect. (Mental note, keep ones gub shut!)

xii) The final score 5-1 is a rough guess, I think it was mebbe slightly more than that – or it just seemed like it.

xiii) Last but not least, and we’re all in agreement on this as it was voiced once or twice.. we may have actually won, had our captain not fekt aff on a wee city break to London for the weekend! Hope you weren’t getting any sneaky skiing practice in!!

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