18/8/12: DLHC does hockey on the beach

Last Saturday saw the return of the two day Dee Festival and the infamous Birdman competition. Alongside the face painting, bouncy castles and eejits jumping off the end of the pier, players from Donaghadee Ladies Hockey Club took part in the festival in their own inimitable style. Cooled by refreshments from the Pier 36 beer garden as they waited for the tide to recede sufficiently, the Hockettes gamely took to the sand in what surely must be one of the first (and possibly the last!) games of beach hockey to be staged in the Dee.

On a ‘pitch’ that made Crommelin Park seem like a stretch of dry velvet carpet, the Hockettes put on a game of hockey that showcased neither silky skill nor smooth running but which should cement their place in the Try Anything Once hall of fame. Probably the best thing about this particular hockey match was the lateness of the pass back, the tide having delayed proceedings by at least half an hour, meaning many of the folk out enjoying a super sunny Saturday in the town had long headed home for their tea. The match, which was memorable for nothing other than soaking feet, sandy everything and lots of fun for those who took part, ended 7-5 to the non bibs.
Pre-season continues (when the sand has been washed off everything) on the astroturf at Bangor Academy every Tuesday from 7-9pm and at Crommelin Park, Donaghadee for fitness every Thursday from 7.30-8.30pm. The 6 week Junior programme for girls aged 10-15 will start on Tuesday 11th September at the astroturf pitch at Bangor Academy. For more details or any queries, please contact the club via email at dlhc@hotmail.co.uk, visit the website http://www.donaghadeelhc.co.uk or on Facebook.com/donaghadeLHC.


The game-for-anything Hockettes

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