27/4/13 DLHC Vets Day


DLHC players past and present (L-R) Alison McNeice (76-83, 89-2011), Mandy Bret (76-82), Deborah Gilmore (2012-present), Helen Murray (81-82), Karen Gilchrist (89-93), Lisa Higgins (91-present), Orla Edgar (98-2002), Paddy Ferguson (74-89, 96-2003), Carmen van der Schyff (2010-2012), Nina Wells (present), Jennifer McVeigh (present), Robyn McVeigh (2000s), Suzie Ferguson (present), Jill Dennison (82-2007), Alison Lawther (present), Lisa Alexander (present), Ann Savage (2000s), Nicky Banford (late 90s-late 2000s)
Kneeling: Trish Vance (74-95), Carolyn Scott (2000-present), Katie Donnelly (present), Siobhan McAdam (2010-present)

Donaghadee Ladies Hockey Club were delighted to play host to a Vets Day last Saturday at Crommelin Park for a mixture of both current squad members and past players of the club. There was a real range, with a number of players turning out at the weekend having first pulled on the red and green of the Dee back in the 70s. Despite the fact that some probably last picked up a stick when they last played, there was definitely no lack of competitive spirit to be found with the non-bibs squeaking a narrow 1-0 victory thanks to a Katie Donnelly goal in the second half.

Old friendships were renewed and many a vow was made that this would become a much more regular occurrence, though it remains to be seen if there were quite as many pledges when the stiffness and soreness kicked in on Sunday! For more pics of the day, visit http://www.donaghadeelhc.co.uk or Facebook.com/DonaghadeeLHC or to keep in touch about future DLHC events, email dlhc@hotmail.co.uk.

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