12/12/15 Donaghadee LHC 1XI 0-3 Bangor and Donaghadee LHC 2XI 2-1 Bangor

Junior League 8: Donaghadee LHC 2-1 Bangor LHC 2XI
For the final league match of 2015 Donaghadee 2XI hosted local team Bangor 2XI at Bangor Grammar on Saturday. With Donaghadee having narrowly lost the away fixture earlier in the season they were keen to win the maximum points this time round.

Both teams began the match with fairly even paced play with Bangor’s early attacks being swiftly stamped out by Melissa Rollo and Nikki Robinson. Donaghadee enjoyed some great interlinking play between these players and the midfielders Elle Fegan, Emily Morris and Angela Parker who were able to exert pressure on the visiting team.

Donaghadee were awarded a penalty corner which was initially struck well by Melissa whose mum Tori Rollo met the ball with a well timed run onto the left post to sneak the deflection in putting Donaghadee on the scoreboard.

Within minutes Donaghadee were on the attack again with speedy play from Angela and Tasha Paxton on the right side of the pitch creating several great runs and crosses into the circle, one of which was met by Karen Fegan in the centre who gave the Bangor keeper no chance as she swept the ball into the top left corner of the net.

After half time Donaghadee continued to exert pressure with defenders Lisa Alexander and Debbie Findlater also able to push high up the pitch to contribute to the attacking play. Vickie Pollock made a great run down the left side to end up with just the Bangor keeper to beat. She chased her deflected shot down but just ran out of room as it passed wide of the post over the backline.

Bangor then stepped up their play and made a break managing to weave past Kate Pounder and with Donaghadee slow to get back, it was now the turn of the Bangor forward to have just Dee keeper Janice McVeigh to beat. Bangor scored but Donaghadee continued to play out the game without the threat of conceding another goal resulting in Donaghadee winning 2-1. Many thanks to Brian McKee for umpiring.

The win puts Donaghadee second in the league table going into the festive break with the team keen to continue their good team performances into next year.

The 1XI were unable to replicate the Seconds’ excellent win, going down 3-0 against a Bangor 1XI which took their chances in the Donaghadee circle.

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