December 2016: A DLHC Winter’s Tale

DLHC 1926/27

Donaghadee Ladies Hockey Club 1926/27 Back: F Mairs, Q Thompson, M Archer, P Mairs, N Angus, M Mairs Middle: N Stevenson, E Moore, Miss J Brown (President), L Tedford (Capt), T Thomas Front: M Andrews, R Stevenson

How wonderful to receive the following email from Robert Petersen in Canada, whose grandmother played hockey for the Dee in the 1920s. What a lovely note to finish on for Christmas – Merry Christmas from all at DLHC!

It’s easy for us to sometimes forget who we are and where we came from, and then out of the blue someone shares a photo from days (evens decades gone by) that reminds us how close we are, regardless of the time or distance between us.

My mother immigrated from Northern Ireland to Canada in 1956.  Her mother, Eileen Boyd, passed away a few years later in her hometown of Donaghadee.

Last year my mother had a stroke and very few images bring back memories as strong as do those of “home” in The Dee.  Today over a cup of tea in their kitchen in Alliston, Ontario, Canada, we happened across a photo of the DLHC circa 1926, during our almost daily trip down memory lane.  Thanks to the magic of Google Earth we have “walked” past her old doorstep on Shore Street many times, and strolled along the other streets, while she has told us of her life in the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s and that of her family from Donaghadee including:  Boyd’s, Moore’s and Fulton’s .

On your history page you share a photo of my grandmother’s hockey team, she Mrs. Eileen Boyd (nee Moore) is pictured middle row, second from the left.

Please have a happy, safe and blessed Christmas and receive my many thanks for posting such a nostalgic photo on your site.

Merry Christmas to you and yours, please share this with whom ever you see fit.

Warmest regards,

Robert (John Boyd) Petersen

PS.  This year there will be a contest (as there often is) at the family Christmas when my family sits for their Christmas meal.  It’ll be…from this DLHC photo, spot your great-grandmother and win this bottle of Irish whiskey. 

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